Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Nest Tree Topper

Erm...hi. It's been a while. I won't bore you with stories of dead computers and overbooked schedules. Suffice to say, I've missed this space and sharing my projects here. I have been sewing and crafting a bit this fall, which I'll try to share when I can. Thanks, Larissa, for the kick in the pants I needed to post this little project.

Okay, so I've needed a tree topper for a few years now. I've made do with a bow of one sort or another, but that is so not my style, really. Last year I hemmed and hawed over a lovely glass and iron piece just long enough to miss it entirely when other more decisive people bought them all up. I have been intrigued by Anthropologie's nest tree toppers for a couple of years now, but completely flabbergasted by the insane price tag (what are they thinking???).

So, on a whim this year, unwilling to compromise and stick yet another bow on my topperless tree, I headed down to my local craft shop, picked up a few supplies and knocked out my own woodsy, nesty tree topper. I kept it pretty simple, with future plans to add more bits and bobs later.

I started off with a plain, straw, floral wreath, which I spray painted silver, then dusted lightly with ivory spray paint to soften it up a bit. Bits of straw fell off as I worked, leaving some of the natural straw color showing through. I liked that.

Then there was this lovely, dark gold, glass garland...

...which I wrapped loosely and evenly around the wreath, securing the ends on the inside with hot glue, like so: 

Next came bunches of lovely, green moss, around the top of the wreath, again, hot glued down. 

My "woods" consisted of a bunch of sparkly, silver-gold, floral picks (similar to eucalyptus branches) that I pulled apart. With a metal skewer, I poked holes into the wreath in random spots, filled the holes with hot glue, then stuck the shiny, little branchlets in securely. 

Finally, with the addition of a few pieces of real lichen and a small nest (dusted with silver paint and occupied by some of the leftover moss and a sweet little bird), my nest tree topper was done. For this year, anyway. Next year's goal: find the perfect paper mache, wooden, or ceramic mushrooms to add to my little woodland scene. And maybe a few more birdies. Or maybe I'll just leave it as is...

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