Friday, June 5, 2009

holding pattern...

I've been out of touch with the blog world for a couple of weeks, getting ready for baby, handstitching the binding on the quilt, hosting house guests (my good friend and doula, Laura, and her kids), spending time with my mom and as much one-on-one time with my kids as possible. And trying to keep myself from counting the minutes until I go into labor and move into the next phase of this crazy, blessed life we lead.

Oh - and I've been cooking. It's been fun finding new ways to use the CSA veggies that I might not have otherwise bought.

What we've gotten recently: summer, pattypan, cucumber and coccozele squash, lettuce, beets, green beans and new potatoes.

And the new recipes I've tried so far:
  • Country Club Squash Casserole with the summer squash. I found this recipe on a random search for a casserole I had during my college years.

  • Orangette's Squash and Pecorino Frittata with the coccozelle. This was really delicious, but I think I'll use the stovetop to broiler oven method next time. Flipping it was a little challenging. For me at least.

  • Fresh corn saute with tomatoes, squash, and fried okra from Bon Appetit Fast, Easy, Fresh with the patty pan. We liked everything but the patty pan. If I try this again, I'll use a more flavorful squash, like zucchini, if I can't get more coccozelle. Any suggestions on what to do with patty pan squash in case we end up with more?

  • This cucumber salad, which was just what I hoped it would be. A really light, fresh, summery side.

  • Alton Brown's Pickled Beets. I'm not a huge pickled beet fan, but these were really easy and tasty. I plan to use the leftover roasted beets to make Orangette's Beet Feta Tart tomorrow after our farmer's market trip, if I'm still playing the baby waiting game.

Then there are the turnips from the past two bushels I've gotten. About 3 pounds of which are still sitting in my crisper while I wait for inspiration to strike.


Kathy said...

This all sounds delicious!

Best wishes are being sent your way for a quick, easy, and pain free delivery. :o)

Larissa Holland said...

wow. all that food is making my mouth water. your vegetables look really beautiful! can't help on the turnips though, ha!

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