Friday, September 4, 2009

simple baby gift

A simple, sweet, topstitched blanket for the new babe of an office mate of my husband's. Only impressive to the non-sewer who can't quite figure out how such things are made. Thankfully, the parents of this recipient qualify.

What is impressive (to me at least) is that I actually bought this fabric locally, in a land of copious batiks and country granny prints. And not much else, until now. We have a new fabric shop in town! The polka dot fabric is a high quality, super soft flannel and the other is, well, you can see for yourself, a fun, eggy print that appealed to the birdlover in me. (The flannel color's not really true in this photo - it's a really pretty pear green. Love it!) And I noticed some Amy Butler (fabric and patterns), Heather Bailey, Anna Maria Horner (oilcloth, at that) and Portabello Pixie patterns among the racks on my last visit. Fun!


Larissa Holland said...

Man! posts posts and more posts! yay! this is so so pretty. Love that egg flannel!
I dare to think any hand-sewn present, simple or not, impresses anyone who knows that you took the time to make them something, whether they sew themselves or not. Or at least, I hope that is what they think. I hope they are not thinking "doesn't she live near a mall?"
Congratulations on your new fabric shop. What is it?

K said...

A new fabric shop! It looks like it must be a good one. I Iove the bird eggs fabric. A great one for baby gifts.

picknstitch said...

Love the bird fabric, and I feel your pain of not having great fabric stores nearby that carry designer lines. I live in metro Denver and you'd think in such a large area, there would be great choices, but that's not the case. Enjoy your new store!

Robyn said...

Thanks, Amy. (I lived in Meeker, CO for a few months - we love Colorado!) You're right, that is surprising about Denver. But you've got Denver Fabrics, right? Not quilting fabrics, per se, but I'm always daydreaming about actually being able to go there and put my hands on some of their apparel fabrics instead of buying on faith online...

Larissa Holland said...

happy birthday to youuuuuuuuu
happy birthday to yoouuuuuuu
happy BIRTHDAY dear Bob,
happy birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Kaye Prince said...

Happy Birthday Robyn; I hope you're having a wonderful day!

Robyn said...

Kaye and Larissa, thanks for the birthday wishes! It was indeed a very sweet birthday this year.

Thalita Dol said...

Hello Robyn!
I'm sorry for not answerying you before.
Please, feel free to eamil me whenever you wish (!
If you do come to Rio someday, I'm sure you'll love it! =)

Many kisses to you!
Oh, and I love the baby quilt!

Weaveron Textile said...

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