Tuesday, April 27, 2010

hello mummysam, i love you

I was just browsing Flickr for some wall art inspiration for Audrey's room when I came across these:

new wall art by mummysam.
new wall art by mummysam.
new wall art by mummysam.
photos via mummysam's flickr

What?! Love them. And, apparently just about everything else this inspired crafter does. Maybe you've heard of mummysam, but I had not. I foresee many hours of poring through her archive... (yay for nursing breaks)

And we're all in luck - looks like she's got a book coming out this fall that's available for pre-order here. Can't wait to get my greedy little craft-book-obsessed hands on it.

the front cover of my upcoming book! by mummysam.
photo via mummysam's flickr

Ha - just found this. So true. 


Sara said...

Those are so cute!

Larissa Holland said...

Oooh. Very cool. Makes me want to create a little animal portrait like those foxes. I have always always wanted to try some freeform machine embroidery. Soooooo neato! thanks for sharing.
Are you going to make one for Audrey's wall?

Robyn said...

Larissa, I would love to make one for Audrey's wall. Later.

I'm not stressing myself out this year for her birthday. In fact, all I'm making is a pennant banner for her wall. Between planning her party, getting ready for house guests, Mother's Day, anniversary, and our trip to GA (not to mention school and all the everyday everything else - oh and did I mention we've all been battling the stomach flu since Saturday?). Yeah. Can't wait to see what all you're able to pull off in the next month.

Larissa Holland said...

Somehow I forgot you have the very same ridiculous lineup of Occasions to fool with in May. Sheesh.
I am really sorry about the stomach flu! I hope you all feel better soon! Hugs from here!
Love to see your pennant for her wall. I love those things!
Really looking forward to seeing you here mid May, although do me a favor and leave the stomach flu behind. :-)

Robyn said...

Larry, I forgive you for forgetting about my crazy month if you forgive me for plopping me and my three kids down at your house in the middle of yours.

(hey - let's just keep talking back and forth so I can feel good about myself when I see so many comments on my post, okay?)

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