Wednesday, July 21, 2010

90 minute shirt trial run

So here is my first attempt at making made's 90 minute shirt. I used a super soft, butter yellow shirt of mine for the main body and a faded chambray tee for the trim and pants (which I just serged at the cuff but will definitely be going back to hem - it will just look better, plus they're a bit long, too). Since I used a ladies' medium tee, I didn't have enough fabric for sleeves. Hence the muscle tee. I bound the arm holes using a method similar to this one from another tute. This first run turned out a little big, so I'll scale it down a bit next time. 

This set was created as a wearable muslin, but after all that work I decided to embellish the shirt a bit anyway with a patch of my precious Kokka that I've been hoarding to use in a quilt for Ash one of these days. I made the patch by fusing some sewable Wonder-Under to the back of the fabric, cutting the patch shape out, then serging the edges. (I could have skipped the last step. I was feeling experimental.) Patch made, I removed the paper backing, eyeballed the placement, ironed it on and top stitched it down.  

Drafting my own tee shirt pattern was confidence building and really pretty easy. Plus I have a HUGE stack of discarded tees to work with, so this is perfect. Thanks, Dana! 


Unknown said...

Love it! He's getting so big, too!

Larissa Holland said...

That is cute! I have been really intrigued by that tute and wanted to try it when I get my serger fired up. Still haven't touched it.

aprats said...

That's it! We must plan a sewing day sans kids so that you can walk me through this. I have a John Deere t-shirt that is wanting to have a new life as a pair of PJ's for Eli. :)

Robyn said...

Amy??? Is that really you? Wow. (You know I have to take advantage when any opportunity to be obnoxious presents itself.) Yes, let's plan another sewing day. I need to crank out about 5 more of these sets. Maybe even with sleeves this time.

Jessica, I know, right? I'm trying to let his passing out of the baby stage NOT give me baby fever.

Larissa. Larissa, Larissa, Larissa. Walk upstairs. If it's not out of the box, take it out now. Put it on the table, plug it in. Go.

Larissa Holland said...

can't. too busy sewing this stinkety stankety duvet cover together.

Sherry said...

Cute kid and t-shirt! I love the way you recycle.

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