Monday, February 23, 2009

Dressing for Paris...ha

Last spring, my husband surprised me with plans for a trip to Paris for our 12th anniversary in the summer. My emotions went from shock to glee to dread as I thought of my boring mommy wardrobe and lack of Paris-worthy attire. I mean, I try, but this is Paris, no?

So after lots of fruitless online shopping and staring blankly into my closet for hours, I hit a fun local shop with Larissa and found these, which I promptly embellished in an effort to make them more individual and cool. I don't have any before pictures, so I'll just tell you, the mustard shrug was plain and the green jacket had some pretty hideous brass and pearl buttons.

I used Amy Butler's Lotus
Lacework in Grey for the appliques, attaching them with Heat 'n' Bond, then embellishing with tiny, ivory French knots.

For the jacket, I just changed out the buttons for some that I covered myself from my scrap bin.
Okay, so I'll admit that I didn't have the courage to wear either of these pieces in Paris. No, I didn't find that all stylish Parisians wore only black, but these just didn't seem right, either. (Plus, I find that I'm not much of a teensy, fitted shrug girl - maybe 15 years and 20 pounds ago?) Still, I had fun playing with them.
And, in the end, who really cared what I looked like in the presence of this beauty? Certainly not me. (Now, if I could only remember this fact as I plan for/stress over my upcoming girl trip to NYC...)


Unknown said...


Larissa Holland said...

I still can't believe you never wore any of those, including the grey dress. Stink! I tought they looked great on you. Maybe we should worry less about blending in and more about just wearing what we like. Yeah, I know, I'm a chicken too. bock bock.
I love your embellishments!
Forget the craft fair, take me to Paris.

Robyn said...

Thanks, guys. L - in the end, it wasn't so much a matter of blending as that I just didn't love them on me. Fun to shop, fun to embellish, but that was about it. I do like the lacy appliques, though. I may have to find something else that needs embellishing with the rest of my scraps...

And if I could take you to Paris, Larissa, I would.

Whatever it takes to get me back there. ;)

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