Friday, February 20, 2009


My son Gage has a talent for giving his "friends" interesting names. Meet Botchalato. "Botch" for short. (I try not to take that too personally.)

I am a huge fan of Hillary Lang's work. Her toys and dolls are what inspired me to start dollmaking a couple of years ago. So when she released the Spaceboy & Robot pattern a while back, I immediately fell in love and bought it. And when my recently robot-obsessed son's birthday rolled around this year, I had the perfect project ready to go. Which, to my mind, proves that impulse buys are totally justified.

Gage wasn't completely jazzed about the robot until I explained the function of each of the buttons and snaps. Like, as in, "This one raises his left arm, this one his right...and don't ever push this one unless you're prepared for serious Super Blast Off mode." Mission accomplished.


Unknown said...

Nice! Too bad the girls aren't into robots, but they love the dolls Larissa made. This will need to be a future project for the new nephew.

Loved the last post. I just started some knitting, then Hubby spilled coffee on it. Maybe it's a sign...

Robyn said...

Jessica - ooh, knitting, fun! I have dabbled, but not enough to actually be able to produce anything. Stick with it! There are so many great patterns out there. And there's always dye for those "accidental" spills... :)

Larissa Holland said...

'teastained' is what you should call it, Jess.
Wow, Robyn, I don't guess I've ever seen this finished Robot. It is so great! I really love the fabrics you chose. Hillary is a genius, huh? And I bow to your marketing skillz. You have Gage's number! And I can just hear you two discussing that and Gage going 'Whoa. Super Blast Off Mode?'

Kathy said...

This is awesome. I haven't seen anything like it. :o)

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