Monday, March 2, 2009

The Girl Needed a New Friend

So, my daughter Audrey has this stuffed dog, Meow. Meow was a gift from her grandparents and dons a black Harley bandanna around her (or, depending on the day, his) neck. Meow is Audrey's baby, puppy, kitty, best friend, and loyal audience.

Now, I'm fine with Meow. But a girl needs more than just one beloved doll. Especially when that one is a steadily-growing-grungier labrador from the local Harley dealership.

So, for her last birthday, I made this doll, inspired in part by Hillary Lang's creations. Well, I guess you could say more than inspired by Ms. Lang, and more than "in part", since I basically used this pattern, but redesigned the head and added accessories. And a matching backpack.

Being a fickle three year old, Aud wasn't thrilled at first with the doll. Until I pointed out that this baby doll actually looks like her. You know, sort of like her own little baby Audrey. I guess that appealed to her budding vanity, because the doll has since joined Meow as a regular bedfellow. Oh, and the backpack was an big hit right away. I'll tell you more about that another day.

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Larissa Holland said...

That girl is loyal. My two adopt specific toys for about a day, then they are thrown over for something else.
Such a cutie doll and backpack combo. I would like to try a backpack for mine, possibly to replace their tatty tote bags for church.

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