Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Erm...I bought more fabric.

..and all it took was an innocent email check and a sale notice from these folks.

Larissa, you know what my fabric stash looks like. More coming in to feed the hoard than going out as finished projects. But it's not like I was out there looking for it this time.

Also, in my defense, some of this fabric was only $2.98 a yard. Stuff by Amy Butler, Anna Maria Horner... I mean, really, could you have let that pass you by? And I will use it. I will.


Unknown said...

mmmmmm.... I don't have much of a stash at this point, but that is sooo tempting!
and, you will us it. i believe in you! ;)

Larissa Holland said... you will not use it. YOU MUST GIVE ME ALL THIS FABRIC AT ONCE! :-)

Larissa Holland said...

ok, I RAN to HoP and did't find any of this fabric treasure at 2.98/yd.
you so rule!

Robyn said...

L - :) I did send you the link last week, did I not???

Larissa Holland said...


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