Monday, March 16, 2009

That does it.

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I have been making a real effort lately to unclutter my calendar, say no to new commitments (within reason), etc. Being 28 weeks pregnant on top of being perpetually overcommitted makes this a real necessity. To the point that my husband made it an official "What I Need You to Do Differently During This Pregnancy" declaration in front of our entire Bradley class. Lovely.

So, in that context, I was really fine with not making Audrey a new Easter dress. She's got plenty of cute, spring dresses and, if I get desperate, I can always go shopping.

That is, until I saw this. How can I not make her a new dress when Gage could so easily have a new tie to perfectly match? That would just be irresponsible. Wouldn't you agree?

And I do have a visit to Purl coming up in a couple of weeks...hmmm...


Larissa Holland said...

I'd like a summary of Rich's manifesto. :-) And speaking as your also perpetually overcommitted friend, that whole tie/dress thing sounds great! :-) very jealous of your upcoming trip to NYC. You'll have such fun!

Amy said...

my husband and i were just joking about this as I was finishing up sewing some Easter skirts for my two daughters. I had a little leftover fabric so he asked if I could make him a matching tie. Some fabrics this might work for, but I'd never convince my husband to wear the lavender tie with pretty flowers so I just chuckled at him.

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