Monday, April 27, 2009

A few finished projects...

N'kay. So I owe you documentation that I am indeed finishing some of the projects I've mentioned starting lately.

First, the crocheted scarflette. I'm not sure I'll ever wear this one. But the process of making it scratched an itch for a day or two, so I suppose it's done it's duty. Any scarflette opinions out there? They look cute in photos, but I'm not sure how well they translate in "real life", you know?

Next, a patchwork scarf, inspired by the one in Denyse Schmidt Quilts. I love hers in the book. All brown wools and tweeds interspersed with bits of red and peach accented print, backed with a soft, peachy silk. But, alas. I had a black coat to match. So there you go.

And, finally, a pair of cozy wristlets made from a wool sweater of Rich's that I felted and hacked (thanks, hon!). My favorite kind of project - simply made with what I had on hand and, start to finish, only took about an hour. And I actually wore something I made! Perfect.

In fact, here's proof - a shot of me wearing both the wristlets and the scarf (you can see bits of them, right?). I'm the one in black sitting next to the gorgeous girl in green (my sis-in-law, Cindy) on the subway.

Not a very timely post, I guess, what with the cold weather accessories and all. Ah, well. The scarf and wristlets were great to have in NYC. I love wristlets! So practical. And it was kind of nice being one of the only tourists not sporting a $5 souvenir pashmina around my neck. (Not that I didn't totally succumb to the pressure and come home with six of them anyway. )

I should learn not to make promises of future posts, but I hope to show you some of the maternity clothes I've put together some time this week. And maybe, just maybe, a quilt. Or, at the very least, a quilt top. I mean it this time.


Stein Family said...

Love both, especially the patchwork scarf.
Can't wait to see more!

Larissa Holland said...

ooooooooh...finally. Love it all. The scarf is so beautiful, and looks great with your coat. Wow, your hair has gotten really long! thanks for finally posting it! Can I see a pic of Audrey's Easter dress? Can you share how you made your wristlets? I have some thrifted sweaters, but they are felted. Are the wristlets felted? scarflet, totally into it. I'd wear it. Looks great. Man, I need to learn to crochet!

RE: the bibs and burps, do NOT put those on your to do list. Hint, hint. Preferred colors?

Robyn said...

Thanks, guys. Glad you like 'em.

L - have to get a picture of the dress (camera was in Brazil for Easter), but I'll get it up eventually. That will require ironing it again, so no promises as to timing. You know how it is.

Yes, the wristlets are felted, and yes, I'll post about how I made them. And, no, you really don't need to learn how to crochet. It's the only thing I can do that you can't.

RE: the hint, hint, no color preferences. I trust your impeccable taste. And thanks.

Stephanie Sabbe said...

found your blog from mmmcrafts. It's so cute! I love the little Easter dress, the big bows make it extra cute.

Erin I said...

I'd love to see some maternity clothes! I'm back in the market!

Robyn said...

Welcome, Stephanie! I'm glad you found me and like the blog, but I'm a little confused about the Easter dress reference...I haven't posted mine yet! Maybe you're thinking of someone else?

Sarah Bonn said...

Everything looks great! I haven't really gotten into the felted sweater crafts yet, but those wristlets look do-able for a beginner. Looking forward to the post on those!

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