Wednesday, April 29, 2009

and baby makes five...

'Cause we got a kitten. Meet Gertie.

One might question the wisdom of entering the world of pet ownership at this stage in our lives, but my mother-guilt finally made me succumb. If you saw my kids dragging around a ribbon with a loop tied in the end (like a leash) and pretending it's attached to their invisible pet, you might understand. Then again maybe I'm just a sucker. Either way, the deed is done and it's been a little like a trial run for having a newborn in the house.

The cat was originally named Gerta by the Humane Society employees. Rich nixed that one right away. Then when names like "Ook" (courtesy of Gage) and "Lovey" (Audrey) started being batted around, the need for quick and decisive action became apparent. So Gertie it is.


Larissa Holland said...

Aw! she looks all peppery. is she a good house guest yet?

dachsynut said...

How adorable! I love Gertie! Pets are a wonderful learning experience for children. You really will have two At least kittens are less trouble than puppies. Is Gertie going to be an inside or outside member of the family?

I figured out the RSS feed & you are on it, my Dear.

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