Monday, April 6, 2009

I've got nothing. (Okay, well, maybe a little something.)

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My goal for every single day of last week was to at least get a dress cut out for Audrey. The farthest I got was washing the fabric and futzing around with pattern ideas, finally deciding to draft my own. Which terrified me when I thought of cutting into Liberty fabric with an untested, self-drafted pattern (even if it is a really simple one), so I, of course, will have to make a trial run dress before I start the actual new spring dress. The self-imposed deadine for which is this coming Sunday.

So, since I have nothing to show you on that front, no decent pictures yet of this, I leave you with drool-worthy inspiration in the form of Bonpoint.

Rich and I stumbled upon this treasure trove of impeccably styled and crafted children's clothing last year in Paris. I spent as long as I could perusing, scrutinizing and memorizing the tiny, smocked, Liberty (of course) rompers, too-chic-for-kids t-shirts, and understated, yet luxurious frocks. That visit was far too short. (Rich, too, found it drool-worthy, in an entirely different way.)

In case you're wondering why I didn't bring home any of these confections for my own little prima donna, the price of one tee was right around 60 euros. But, hey, if that sounds good to you and you don't live in New York, Paris, or Rome, you now have the option of shopping Bonpoint's e-boutique. At the very least, the entire site is great for inspiration, complete with its own little pint-sized look books for the stylistically challenged.

New York was a dream trip last week, but my one regret was not getting to the Upper East Side to idea shop Bonpoint one more time. I wasn't too upset about it at the time, being exhausted and full up with girly fun, but writing this post brings it all back. I better go now before I get too worked up. Besides the fact that I totally could have had a dress cut out by now.

Oh, wait, I just remembered one more thing about my visit to the Parisian Bonpoint. While I was there, I met a fellow New Orleanian. She was drawling loudly to her adult daughter that she (the daughter) should seriously consider opening up a Bonpoint in her own hometown, London. As she was busily buying up one of everything in the store. Funny, chatting there with her halfway around the world from our common home, and yet still worlds apart...

Hope you have a productive day!

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Larissa Holland said...

argh! i didn't have time to even wash the fabric for my two for Sunday, and now we are in DC, so no handmade Easter dresses for mine this year. I can't wait to see what you do with Audrey's, and she'll get a bonus dress too from the trial run. That's smart!
Bonpoint sounds like somewhere that I'd drool too, although unlike Rich I'd be drooling from pure avarice.

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