Wednesday, April 8, 2009

progress, bit by aching bit

Okay, so this picture isn't the best, but I had to document that I am, indeed, making progress on Audrey's new dress. I was rocking along yesterday, thinking to myself, "Wow. I think this is actually going to be the first project that I haven't screwed up in some small step along the way. My seam ripper is happily resting in it's little cubby, unneeded by me, Master Seamstress. La la la..."


This is what I call "Sewing Karma". Just as soon as I go getting prideful, I trip over some totally avoidable flub up. This time it wasn't terrible - I just have one seam to rip out. The real problem is that I'm ripping a seam to make a buttonhole (that I forgot I needed) and my machine is not cooperating on buttonholes these days. And I am so close to finishing this dress.

I'm considering handsewing the buttonhole. I've only done that once before and it worked out well for me. But that was a much heavier fabric and on a garment I felt fine experimenting with. Hm.

Anyone out there with brilliant troubleshooting skills and a detailed understanding of Bernina's automatic buttonhole program? Surely, among my vast following of readers (snort), there's got to be someone!

See you Friday, hopefully, with good news.


Larissa Holland said...

oooh it looks so cute already, just seeing the hem. i might have to copy you for the girls.
i have not a clue about your sewing machine, so here's a possibly helpful link:

Robyn said...

Thanks, Larry. I actually finished the dress yesterday - got help from my trusty, local Bernina rep. By the way, that link you sent is the one I used the one time I handsewed a buttonhole! Great minds...

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