Monday, April 13, 2009

see you next week...

Well, I made it through and accomplished almost all of my goals this weekend. I finished Audrey's Easter dress, supported the husband and got him off on his trip, had a great day of worship and fellowship with friends yesterday, and supplied Easter baskets that, if not filled with gourmet confections and handmade stuffies, more than satisfied the kids. As any collection of sugar-laden, mega-processed, spare-yourself-the-mommy-guilt-and-ignore-the-ingredients food products will.

I did not, however, make Gage's tie. Poor kid. At least he's blissfully unaware of my neglect. The kid really couldn't care less about what he wears to church. Especially since we've established that the Storm Trooper costume is definitely out of the question.

What I failed to realize in my planning for this week was that, of course, Rich would want to take the camera to Brazil with him. So, no pictures of Easter, or anything else this week, for that matter.

I'm using my camera-less state as a good excuse to take a short blogging break. My sewing goals for the week: work on (and perhaps finish?) this, make some of these, and, yes, still try to get around to the tie.

Wish me luck and catch you next week!

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