Wednesday, April 8, 2009

learning curve

Have I mentioned that Blogger is making me INSANE??? Just had to say that. And ask for your patience. And a blind eye to annoying formatting mistakes.


Sarah Bonn said...

I have my issues too, when trying to do my own thing with blogger. I spent about a week working on figuring it out and got it looking perfect on my computer only to discover that my computer is the only place it looks perfect! For the record, I don't notice anything wrong with your blog, unless there is supposed to be a background image. Good luck

Robyn said...

Thanks, Sarah! I'm just a bit obsessive about things like missing or extra line breaks, etc. If that's even what they're called. I'm obviously no techie!

Larissa Holland said...

I've been using a year and the blogger format for text is still an enigma sometimes. I can't figure out how to do some things (like fool around with the leading) but now I'm just resigned and apathy has set in. :-)

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